Monday, July 14, 2008

Fried Maggi Mee

Fried Maggi mee has been the top menu here after my wife and family left for vacation. Incase anyone of you out there who is or soon-to-be in similar situation, I put together this step by step instructions which might help you make this "bachelor period" better than ever....and also for my dear wife after she comes back from vacation, hopefully you will be guided...

1. 1 pkt of instant noodle (can be Maggi, Indo Mee etc. or incase nothing available, spaghetti pun ok).
2. 4 pcs small chicken (or beef) sausages, cut in small pieces, macam dibawah..
3. Red onion and garlic, cut into small pieces....I like it small, so that it cook faster.
4. 5 pieces of prawn...frozen without shells easier...defrost first dalam air panas.
5. Fresh lettuce , or any other sayur...I choose lattuce cause cepat masak.

Some veggies is a MUST! It will give that "sweet" and negate that "hanyir" taste from kicap etc. Incase you do not have any other veggies except for some frozen (maybe 2-3 weeks old, that your wife forgot and left inside the fridge) lettuce like this one pun ok...but this afternoon I bought a fresh piece of I can get rid of this last piece of frozen lettuce...

And being health concious person, I would throw away the "perasa" that come with the packet of noodle...

ONLY after the water boiled, put in the noodle and after 1 min 23 sec., turn off the heat. Let the water cool slowly with the noodle inside.
While the water is boiling you can get started frying the onion, garlic, chicken sausage, prawn and an egg....DO NOT stir the egg until it is hard, otherwise it will get "mushy" and floucollate with the rest of whats already inside the pan..oh use olive oil, if you have, otherwise sunflower oil..for frying..
Then you kacau and can start smelling the "fried ├╝dang" aroma may not smell very nice but surely it will taste it will be worth it...don't worry. is looking good this time you'll understand why they make instant noodle....tak tahan ohh...

Then you take out the noodle from the water...and put it in the pan with the rest...kacau-kacau..

Then add kicap pekat and chili sauce or tomato souce..whatever you not need to add too much kicap, cause the sausage already masin and too much kicap make things turn black and ugly....when food looks ugly, it normally taste bad....all except for akok....I'll write about this later.

Oh...don't forget to add the can turn-off the heat and add the lattuce after that...I like my lettuce semi-cook...and if you have lemon, squeeze half of it..

And.... you got yourself a magnificient dinner....enjoy...


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aDie dALi said...

didnt realize maggi mee could be looking sooo yummy..

bole try nih..