Friday, March 21, 2008

Madinah Trip - Feb 2008

We sold our Honda Odessey and bought the 'mighty' 4x4 6.2L Yukon Denali SUV! last month...We want to go to the desert, drive around the middle east and explore as much as we can together as family adventures before we leave this place - these are the few reasons we swap-out our cars.

On Feb 6th, we finally went on our "maiden" voyage to Madinah. The Yukon drives like a charm and the Garmin GPS guided us all the way without much difficulty.The weather was mild during the day, however at night it can get to 14 C. We stopped in Riyadh for Maghrib and had dinner in the car. We spent the night in the SASCO Motel and continued our journey the following morning. We arrived in Madinah and by the time we checked in the hotel, it was maghrib. We spent 2 nights in Madinah and drove back on Saturday, Feb 9th. It was a very-very long drive home. But we had fun and learn few things about long distance travelling. Here are few photos of the trip.

Adam and Lukman met a new friend on the way back near Riyadh.

Sand dunes near Riyadh.

White camels!


Mosque Aqaba

Masjid Nabawi

Breakfast at Movempick.

On the way to Madinah.

Rocky hills in Qasim.

Green grass in the desert - Qasim district.

Madinah - here we come!

Coffee break in Qasim.