Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trip to Shaybah, Saudi Arabia

On Jan 24th 2007, at 9:00 am, we board the company jet to Shaybah, a new field currently being developed by Aramco, some 800 km away from our home in Udhailiyah. The temp was ~25 C, sunny and it was very nice & the views of the surrounding were awesome.

Khaliesa on the sand.

Ibu & anak2.

Adam & Aisya - Aramco camp behind.

Hero & heroin..

Adam & friends..

Trying the sandboard.

Free lunch at the tent.

We finally board the plane back and arrived home at 8:00 pm. It was a very interesting trip and hope we can go back there again someday.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2007 Highlights

Alhamdulillah, 2007 left us with many wonderful memories. These are the major events for the year:

February 2007: Visited Doha, Qatar.

We followed Raji and family to Doha that weekend. It was an unplanned trip. Took us ~ 4hrs to get to the city. It was very windy and visibility was poor.

At the Saudi-Qatar border.

Had burgers for lunch. Arrived in Doha at maghrib time. Met few Malaysians working for Qatar Petroleum. Hotels in Doha were full that night. Luckily we managed to get a room at the Ramada with some help from a friend, Yusry.

We drove round the city on the next day. Not a very clear photo of a floating mosque.

At the jetty in Doha.

Buying fresh fish..

Got got a call from Kamal Kassim, an ex-collegue who is currently working for Ras Gas. Also during the Friday prayer, met my ex-boss from Exxon, Amran. Later we met and had lunch at a friend's house. I think Doha is a very nice place to work. We did not get the chance to spend much time in the city but we hope to come back soon.

April, 2007: Makkah - Our First Umrah

For more on this trip, see previous post, Umrah 2007.

June - August 2007: Back to Malaysia for vacation.

We waited the whole year for this. Mira and the kids went back on June 30th, while I stayed back and left Saudi on July 15th .

We spent few days in KL. Stayed at Villa Putri...thanks to Adi and Nazri..

At Villa Putri's swimming pool.

Bought few things - skateboards for Adam & Lukman, tennis rackets, bought myself a Nikon D-80. You can expect better photos from here on..

We met Kheng and Ariana.

Also met friends from SMSK - Sabar, Zuhdi, Kamil, Norita, Mat Puji and Zuhaimi. It was short, over a lunch. Hopefuly next year, we can spend more time.

Also met Rusdi that night. It has been awhile since we last met...went for a late dinner with Shukri Singh. On the last day, met Shukri Shukor..ex-college mate..


Back in KB, Lukman and Aisya were admitted due to heavy caughing....too much swimming while in KL. Had to cancel our trip to Redang because of this.

Finally back to our home in Paka...a small fishing village which we love very much...Adam's dream is to be a day..

Back to and easy... Adam, Lukman and Sharon doing their favourite thing...

Cleaning-up after fishing.

We attended Ezi's wedding in Tumpat and Linda's wedding in PP. We wish both couples the very best.

We were home at the right time...our "instant" kebun in Kok Lanas were loads with durian, duku, manggis and salak...also asam gelugor.....

An interesting shot in downtown Paka.

UMRAH - Ramadhan 2007

We got another chance to perform the Umrah at the end of Ramdhan. We left quite late in the evening and arrived Jeddah at ~ 10:00 pm. Took a prebet sapu to Makkah...luckily the driver was quite nice and despite the jamms and closed streets, he managed to bring us to the hotel..otherwise we could be walking. I completed my Umrah at about subuh prayer. Then brought Mira to the mosque to complete her Umrah, while the kids were still sleeping. The place was packed and it was not an easy task. Next year, we have to plan to come earlier.

On the last day of Ramadhan, we break-fast inside the mosque with Khurma and zam-zam. The mosque was really packed. Hardly any place even to sit down.

On hari raya morning the kids took too much time to get ready. By then, the streets of Makkah was full up to the door steps of the hotel. We ended-up praying on the street right in front of the hotel.